IOSPIRIT: Save up to 87% in the big christmas promotion!!

Date 17-Dec-2004 9:56:08
Topic: Announcement

The IOSPIRIT-onlineshop celebrates its reopening with massive price reductions of up to 87% compared to full standard pricing.

Available at heavily reduced prices are fxPAINT, fxSCAN, VHI Studio and the IOSPIRIT Graphics Megabundle (contains the latest full versions of fxPAINT, fxSCAN, VHI Studio).

To allow you to directly start using fxSCAN and VHI Studio, as an extra every IOSPIRIT Graphics Megabundle in 2004 will ship with the driver packages IOUSB Scanner Package, IOUSB DigiCam Package and VHI RS232 Camera Drivers at no extra cost. The first customers placing an order will (as long as our supply lasts) additionally receive the VHI Driver Olympus.vhi. The drivers all come without support and functional guarantee - therefore they come at no extra cost with the package.

Opportunity is good .. use it!!

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