Xmas has come early with Issue 38 of The Crypt

Date 19-Dec-2004 12:44:50
Topic: Announcement

End of the year, and another gripping read is ready for you at www.thecryptmag.com.

Entitled "The Forgotten Heroes", we explore the often unknown facts of the "Great War".

Like, How many died? What sort of tactics did the Generals use to cause such a loss of life? How did they loose a whole Battalion?
It took to long for them to realize that they now had to fight their wars with completely different tactics from what they were used to, and many of their own men died as a result.

Do you like to know the weather before you go out? We show you a great program for the PC that tells you just what you need to know, including a 10 day outlook.

How difficult is it to upgrade your computer? Our Mr Urie shows you how.

Chris delves deep into the history of car bodies and shows just how things have evolved from the basic cart design.

There's to much in the magazine to mention here, so I suggest you pop along soon and have yourself a very happy Xmas, and on behalf of Riyan Productions may we all wish you a great new year.

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