"cockail shaker" updated

Date 24-Dec-2004 9:01:58
Topic: Software News

The updated "cocktail shaker" solves problems with foreign languages.
- now the locale files are working perfectly.
- added more "cocktails" to the database
- added image requesters to the new "cocktail" section
- fixed some nasty bugs in the program including hopefully all the Amiga OS4 related bugs

if anyone can test and report it to me? Amipuzas wish Merry christmas to all the Amiga and Morphos users. If you are finding a database for your usage, Puzas database is availible, using the same program as "cocktail" shaker, but with more options, to create your own databases or why not an whdload games launcher? Backgrounds and buttons fully skinable...Puzas database only costs 15 euros and don't have any files or categories

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