AmiMSN (1.0rc5) released.

Date 26-Dec-2004 12:06:38
Topic: Software News

AmiMSN, an AREXX console based Instant Messaging client for the MSN network, has recently been updated to v1.0rc5.

Changes since the last version include:
  • Changed: Everything placed into one main executeable

  • Fixed: You now can't initiate a conversation with someone offline

  • Fixed: In some cases AmiMSN would try reading a message that wasn't there

  • Added: P4-Context header is now parsed. Needed for BOT2K3

  • Added: Notification server disconnection messages now parsed

  • Added: AmiMSN.cfg now has a version number

Download AmiMSN 1.0rc5 (38KB LHA)

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