Victors Poll - Moderator Of The Year Award ( uA1 )

Date 29-Dec-2004 10:38:36
Topic: News

Due to the Moderator Of The Year poll being so close we have decided to eliminate all but two top competitors from the race to win's Reviewing uA1 and the title of Reviewer. The poll will begin again but just for those two competitors as a Site Poll. Yes, you need to recast your vote if you have already done so! If you haven't voted then now is the time to vote in the site poll.

The rules are:

1. The winner must have a clear 5 vote lead over their competitor after 31st Dec 04.

2. If by the 7th Jan 05 there isn't a 5 vote lead, site staff will hold a meeting to decide what to do.

3. The winner will get the uA1, and will have to review it for the review section
in depth.

4. The winner will get the job of providing a regular review from a selection of options
as voted on by the readership.

5. Anonymous readers now cannot vote. You need to be a site member.

Good luck to the front runners, Mikey_C and GregS!

Original poll:
Original results:

Mikey_C 49 votes
GregS 48 votes
Herewegoagain 32 votes
Bodie_CI5 22 votes
Alkemyst 6 votes
Bodie 5 votes
L8-X 4 votes

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