Cyote Flux releases PPC680x0 as Freeware

Date 29-Dec-2004 18:29:02
Topic: Software News

PPC680x0 is a source level converting utility, which means that you can now convert any kind of Motorola 680x0 source codes directly to PowerPC source codes. It uses several methods to optimize the output code and therefore adapts it to work optimal with the pipelining- and parallel instruction system of the PowerPC family.

The message on their website states:

After lots of bugfixes and updates, PPC680x0 has become freeware and can be downloaded from this site. Both the docs and the program have been updated. Since PPC680x0 V2.0 is in beta state, please let us know if the program contains any bugs. PPC680x0 has not been tested on machines without custom chips, so we cannot guarantee that it will work on such systems. It should work under UAE. Have fun !

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