Official WinUAE Help v2.0.0

Date 30-Dec-2004 18:47:18
Topic: Miscellaneous News

An updated version of the official WinUAE Help file has been released:
To make the helpfile available in WinUAE, simply copy the WinUAE.chm file into the directory where you installed WinUAE. This is typically C:\Program Files\WinUAE for English Windows installations. Restart WinUAE after you copied the file into the directory, and the "Help" button will be available in the main program.

Read more for the Changelog:

* Created Subversion repository to enable access for contributors
* Fixed up internal hyperlinks and insane external ones
* Made all pages HTML4 compliant, optimized HTML structure
* New screenshots, saving 200kB overall filesize
* Various fixes in texts and layout changes
* Moved ADF to Disk section to transdisk page
* Removed page dedicated to Mathias Ortmann, contained practically no information
* Directly jump to required subsections when being directed to the links page
* Fixed/updated obsolete hyperlinks
* Updated first time users page for use with new quickstart feature
* Cleaned up and updated GUI chipset settings description
* Added hardware and host sections to align help layout with actual GUI style
* Created new subsection containing usage tips
* Updated pages for data transfer, required files with data from the FAQ
* Moved FAQ and Amiga Programs pages to tips section
* Merged in new information from Bernd Roesch
* Fixed page not found errors when help was called from more recent WinUAE GUI pages
* Moved Amiga DOS commands page to background information
* Fixed several typos, grammar mistakes, ...
* Directed all external links over the dedicated links page
* Added AmigaForever and Cloanto links to the links page
* Updated developer information about Bernd Schmidt

* Updated FAQ page

* Removed obsolete information from bugs page
* Updated FAQ and general tips pages

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