Jami - Developer tool for AmigaDE

Date 26-Oct-2002 15:14:37
Topic: Software News

Gabriel Hauber along with Onno Scheffers of Atomic Digital Studios have like a number of other developers been working on new developer tools for the Amiga Digital Environment. They are working on Jami, a set of Java libraries specifically written for the AmigaDE.

Jami will allow a Java developer to take full advantage of the benefits of the AmigaDE, including advanced graphical functionality. APIs like Ami2D, AmiAudio, modplayer library, the AVE, etc, are all opened up to the Java developer. According to Gabriel Hauber, ?The library is growing and maturing rapidly, more functionality is added all the time. Currently, it provides far more than is available through J2ME/MIDP, and it is much easier to write graphics and sound code than in Personal Java?.

The team behind Jami firmly believe that there is much AmigaDE developers can gain by switching to using Jami rather than C and VP as it would eliminate a lot of problems commonly faced, not the least of which is having to keep track of all resources and explicitly free things. Jami, and the Java garbage collector handle all the object management, meaning the developer has more time to be creative.

Interest in Jami has already been expressed by a number of AmigaDE developers and even by the wider Java developer community. Although Jami has not yet been publicly released, the developers have made use of it in the upcoming re-release of Gems and in the new game Go for Goal, an ice hockey game.

If you want to know more or are interested in using Jami in your own projects, then e-mail Gabriel Hauber.

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