Date 12-Jan-2005 19:17:16
Topic: Announcement

First off, a new article has been published in our article section. The article itself is one I (Ryu) wrote for Total Amiga magazine last year and I have been granted permision to publish it on IntuitionBase. It gives you a bit of an insight into OS4 on the classic Amiga hardware.

Next up a bug has been fixed with the compatible hardware section so submited links should now be fine.

And last but by no means least and thanks to John (Amigadude) our Customisation section has been revamped so it should be a little easier to navigate. So please send in your backdrops, icon packs, themes etc to us for inclusion on IntuitionBase.

I would also like to thank Mason for drawing the cool graphics that are now in use on our customisation section.

As ever I have more idea on things to add to extend the site, so please stay tuned and thanks for supporting

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