Total Amiga - Issue 14!

Date 9-Feb-2003 12:46:52
Topic: News

The latest, eagerly anticipated Spring 2003 issue of Total Amiga Magazine coming soon via subscription, individually, and at an Amiga vendor near you! For more details including release date, visit our website.

HOLLYWOOD. "The new multimedia authoring package for the Amiga. But can it topple SCALA? Our reviewers sit in front of the screen and bring you their verdict."

Our main Feature is:- WEBDESIGN! "A true epic struggle, starring brave and determined reviewers, see if it can be done using an Amiga."

SOFTWARE TYCOON. "The good, the bad and the ugly. Oscar Nominee or Turkey of the Year?"

Quake II - "On the Amiga. A long established Title, but will the latest Hyperion Entertainment port leave you reaching for more popcorn or heading to the exit?"

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