TwinVNC (VNC client for AOS4) beta available

Date 13-Jan-2005 18:50:53
Topic: Software News

A new VNC client with many functions is (will be available) for AOS4 and MOS.

TwinVNC features:

o Supported codecs: RAW, RRE, CoRRE, Hextile, ZLibHex, ZlibRaw, ZRle and Tight (with jpeg option).
o Sub-codecs: Copyrect, RichCursor and XCursor.
o Display: 3, 6, 8, 16 and 32 bits (window (with toolbar option) and full screen support).
o Supports mousewheel and third button.
o Supports overlay with downscale.
o Supports Page Down/Up, Begin/End, Insert on AmigaOne/Pegasos keyboards.
o Emulates said keys on other machines (using Shift + arrow keys).
o Switching from fullscreen to window and from overlay to non-overlay mode is possible on the fly.
o Can be iconified.

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