GCC Installer 1.3 and GCC 3.4 Updater released

Date 30-Jan-2005 16:06:08
Topic: Software News

I'd like to inform everyone that GCC Installer received some more bugfixes, and i just released an updater to GCC 3.4.

You can find GCC Installer 1.3 here , and GCC 3.4 Updater here .

The bugfixes done to the installer are related to issue's with lha not being present in C: and the amitcp: bug on UAE.

IN UAE situations you have bsdsocket.library emulation, but wget is still dependend on a tcp/ip stack being installed, but not loaded, so the installer inform you of this aswell (and how to fix it).

GCC 3.4 updater is for those who need GCC 3.4 instead of GCC 2.95.3 and is an optional update.

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