A. D. A. is looking for a skilled php/mysql coder

Date 1-Feb-2005 22:04:33
Topic: Announcement

Amiga Demoscene Archive is looking for a skilled php/mysql coder.

First a bit of background info on A.D.A (Amiga Demoscene Archive). The site was started by two persons: Vanquish (graphics, design, screenshot conversion,...) and z5 (content, html,...). We put the first version online on 11 november 2001. The site was then in pure html and featured some 120 pages

Shortly after the launch, Syn offered to lend his php skills to convert the site to php+mysql. He actually did a lot of work on how A.D.A. is now in terms of php and database. Later on, Syn left the team and i (z5) took over the php/mysql side of things.

However, i have little time and never got around learning php inside out. I know the basics but not enough to move the site forwards.

I feel that we have a good base/site to evolve with now. 441 productions, tons of screenshots, logos, demo list, parties,... We're quite happy with it. But it lacks some things.

Therefore, we are searching for a skilled php/mysql developer with experience in developing websites with these tools. It would be great if that person would have a passion for demos aswell. To be honest, the things planned aren't that complicated (or at least i hope so) so i don't think it will be that time consuming.

So if you like this site and would like to dedicate some time taking it one step further, please contact me at the usual address (see contact page on the website) to join our team.


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