Amiga Rulez Magazine Issue 4 Out in next few days

Date 11-Feb-2003 16:13:17
Topic: News

For all you spanish amiga fans out there the latest issue of Amiga Rulez Magazine is almost ready the topics covered in this magazine are.. News, C-64 zone, Servers on Amiga, Mediator SX, Puza'stick, ProStick Joystick AM ATTACK, Dataswitcvh VGA, SCSI IDE Converter, SUBWAY USB, HOLLYWOOD, GOLD ED AIX, FX SCAN,HDREC, SOUND FX 4.2, THE MPEG ENC GUI,MOOVID PRO, TALES OF TAMAR, QUAKE 2, LAND OF GENESIS, SOFTWARE TYCOON, PUZZLE BOBS, CROSS FIRE 2, AQUA. And the tutorials of LIGHTWAVE part 4, introduction "CAD in Amiga", Programming in C part 3 and PHOTOGENICS part 2... and you also get a free CD with this issue as well.

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