AmigaAMP 2.14 and Amplifier 2.35 available

Date 7-Feb-2005 0:31:02
Topic: Software News

There are updates available for two popular Amiga MP3-players.

Amiga Amp 2.14:
"Some more bugfixes: No http requesters any more when trying to play a shoutcast stream while LoadBuffer is set to FILE and more reliable streaming from servers sending the data in very small packages."

And secondly:

"Amiplifier 2.35:

- fixed negative time display bug when the size of the mp3 increase
while playing (when downloading the actual song from internet).
- fixed MPEG-infowindow filename underscore bug
- The ARexx interface has been re-written using the arexx.class
(this fixed a bug in the ARexx interface using it with very long
commands, droped the WAIT command - the arexx.class doesn't support it)."

Why Amplifier 2.35 is released as news now is because I never heard of it until today when i searched for an arexx bug with the wait problem solved.


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