A new snapshot of Feelin has been released

Date 7-Feb-2005 8:14:19
Topic: Software News

Feelin is an object-oriented system (OOS) for the AmigaOS. It provides two things : A small shared library, fast and powerful (the object-system's core), offering everything needed to create a complete object-oriented environnement ; And an extensible system to create and maintain GUIs. Although Feelin comes with a lot of GUI oriented classes, Feelin is not limited to that, and can be used for a variety of projects.

This is a small update. I made it because I won't be able to work on Feelin for a moment, due to a lot of changes in my life. I decided to made Feelin open-source because I received a lot of mails asking for a port of Feelin to AROS/MOS/OS4. With the source available this is now fully possible.

IDCMP flag are now deprecated, Feelin now comes with its very own event system.

Drag'n'Drop has been partially rewritten, especially the graphic part.

Miscallaneous small imporvements.

Feelin in now open-source !

Give Feelin a try !!

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