Godfreys selling AmigaOne related products

Date 7-Feb-2005 22:19:00
Topic: Announcement

Godfreys are a sponsor of Amigaworld.net and now we are hoping to assist the community by offering non-specific AmigaOne parts at competitive prices.

Based in the UK, currently we have Hard Drives, Memory Pens, Registered memory, DVD Combo drives, Micro ATX case, TFT displays etc.

Please visit the computer section at: http://www.godfreys-online.co.uk/merchant2/merchant.mv?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=LG&Category_Code=CS1

If anyone would like to see any other products that are non-specific to the Amiga, such as specific cases, please email mike@godfreys-it.com and I will consider it. We have buying power so if we consider something is going to be popular we buy in bulk to bring you the best price possible.

Look forward to dealing with you.


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