Get Ready to Return to War (WW2)

Date 15-Feb-2005 15:12:25
Topic: Software News

For the first time ever I've completed all the 2nd Edition rules (sans R&D rules) for my Axis & Allies board game clone named WW2 which is now available from OS4Depot or my home page.

New major features include:
- Improved graphics with the Anti-Grain Geometry package.
- Continent contours are displayed while panning & zooming.
- Added battleship support attacks.
- Added Panama and Suez canal rules.
- Now requires ARGB or BGRA colour modes.
- Completed transport rules with allies.

This implementation is quite similar to other attempts such as TripleA (Java) or Dogs of War (PC) except my version runs on AmigaOS directly.

Expect to see even more enhanced graphics (thanks to AGG) and network play support (thanks to Roadshow) in the next version. Unfortunately, it isn't much fun to play on your own since it is a team oriented game and creating a decent computer player is very difficult. While you wait for the network enabled version you can practice up and report any bugs to me.

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