SmartFileSystem v1.236 released

Date 15-Feb-2005 20:58:11
Topic: Software News

Jörg Strohmeyer has released a new version of SmartFileSystem (SFS).

Recent changes in SmartFileSystem:
1.236 (11.2.2005)
- AmigaOS4 only changes.
- Changes for diskcache.library V3.
- Fixed another bug with partitions > 125 GB.
- Fixed a bug in the AmigaOS4 requester function.
- Updated to diskcache V2, removed support for non-standard TD64
commands if diskcache is used (diskcache uses NSD commands).
- Should no longer read any blocks from removable RDB partitions.
- Support for mounting RDB partitions on USB massstorage added.
1.232, 1.231
- AmigaOS4 only changes.
- Fixed a bug which prevented SFS from working on partitions > 125 GB.
- Locks and filehandle allocation changed.
- No longer uses TD_GETGEOMETRY in the m68k version if not running on
AmigaOS4 because of a bug in the old scsi.device or IdeFix.

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