PUSH 2005 - soon to take off! 25-27 February

Date 16-Feb-2005 19:21:19
Topic: Events

PUSH is a computer party, where also some topical computer related subject will be discussed in seminars.

This year we will be visited by Jonas öberg, vice President of Free Software Fundation Europe, fsfe, who will talk a little bit about software patent and inform around what have happened within EU regarding this issue.

David Holm, Gentoo developer, will talk a little bit about how to take advantage of AltiVec in PowerPC CPU's.

And of course AmigaOS 4 & MorphOS will be present and a lot of other fun is on the agenda.

We look forward to PUSH and hope that you will come to take part in something very nice.

You will find more information at: http://push.pegasos.org

Welcome !


GGS-Data, who supports PUSH, would also like to do the following announcement.

We give the following offer for PUSH visitors and participators.

We offer 3% discount on complete Pegasos II and AmigaOne µ-a1-C systems as regards for admission ticket to PUSH.

The offer is valid one time and for a time space of two months, eg from the 25 February until 25 April. The offer is on prices listed in GGS-Data web shop and the discount will be withdrawn from price incl VAT. The offer can not be combined together with any other offer or campaigns.


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