Official A1 repair centre in France

Date 21-Feb-2005 13:30:21
Topic: hardware OS4

Eyetech, Amont Informatique (France) and RELEC Software & Hardware Amiga (Switzerland) are delighted to announce that an agreement has been reached with AMIGA CENTER (France), who is now an official maintenance and repair centre for the AmigaOne.

This includes the hardware fixes for UDMA and USB on the XE "Earlybird" systems. Read more for the full announcement.

AMIGA CENTER have long been known for their technical knowhow in electronics, and most particularly for their competence with the "Classic" Amigas. They are an excellent choice to carry out the same work for the new AmigaOnes.

AmigaOne XE owners who decide to have this fix carried out can therefore now contact AmigaCenter for an estimate. Please don't send your motherboard without first contacting them!

Of course, it is possible to avoid implementing the hardware fix if you use an IDE-UDMA PCI card based on the Silicon Image 0680 chip. PCI-based USB adapters can also be used, a number having already been tested with the XE by developers before and during the "Earlybird" phase.

Amont Informatique, RELEC and Eyetech see this new partnership as reinforcing the infrastructure that is progressively being set up around the AmigaOne, which we feel is a worthy successor to the "Classic" 68k amigas. It is particularly heartening to see someone of the calibre of AmigaCenter, whom some of you may remember as Serele, still active in the Amiga community.

Earlybird owners everywhere, we know that, like us, you are only too aware of the amount of effort required to achieve a fully stable and bug-free machine, with performance in line with customer expectations. We are continually researching ways and means to achieve and improve on our objectives. However, this requires spending a lot of time and work. Most of you understood this from the very beginning, and we take the opportunity here to thank everyone who has involved and helped out in one way or another. Those who decided to participate in this adventure are pioneers, whether you bought a full configuration or just a motherboard, by buying hardware clearly labelled as "for developers only", with all the advantages and - above all - disadvantages this entails. In fact, we all owe you more than thanks, we also owe you our profound respect !

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