The great war of Anarrow! (Tales of Tamar)

Date 26-Feb-2005 19:14:56
Topic: Software News

A Quest for all Amiga fans on either the red or blue side!

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In a high stone tower on Elerion, far away from the world known to us, there have
been recent events of which you shall be told. Agannazar, high archmage of the
First Ones, waved his hand over the crystal ball, and the confusing veils of
mystery that shrouded the view lifted. In the candle light, Agannazar suddenly
understood things that had puzzled him before. Next to him stood Landon, an old
sovereign from the island of Exevor, the northmost island of the old realms and
look at him questioningly.

'So tell me, what do you see in the crystal, Agannazar?'

Agannazar was deep in thought, and only slowly he began to mutter:
'There will be a great war. Greater than the Lords and Ladies of Tamar have seen
before. And it will be fought more viciously than ever. On one side, there will
be the blue Mosians, on the other the red Hombres. The war will take place
on Annarrow, a secluded part of Elerion, and it will determine once and for all
who is stronger, smarter and braver. Only one race will prevail and roam the
lands of Tamar.'

Landon was alarmed at Agannazars words. Just recently, Tamar had seen the
end of the first world war, and most lords had the hope that Empress Rajana
would bring an age of peace.

'Are you sure about the coming war? Who are those Mosians and Hombres?
I've never heard of them before.'

Agannazar turned away from the crystal ball and reached for his pipe to take
one, two long draws from it. Then, with much calm he replied:

'As you know, not everything I see in the crystal comes to pass. But
I know of both races. They live in the southern parts of Elerion and for
generations, they had nothing better to do than to insult each other
over trifles. If you ask me, it was only a question of time until they would go
to the battlefield. So if many of their noble men should found their own realms
in the near future, it can only mean that they prepare for war.'

'So then there is only hoping that this war will end the fight for good. And
maybe they will even realize that they are actually in this together.'

Agannazar nodded: 'It only remains to be seen which side will win this battle...'

Tales of Tamar, the turn based strategy and roleplaying game invites all owners of
an AmigaOne or a Pegasus with MOS to play free for four month and fight
'The great war of Annarrow'.

If at least 100 players join on each side, we will open a new land on Elerion on
April 2nd, 2005. One side will be populated by the Hombres, the other by the
Mosians. Especially invited are both developer teams, Hyperion and the
MorphOS developers. They will rank as the Overlords on each side and be
especially protected (or attacked).

The race dominating the land by holding the most ground after 4 months wins.
The game direction will judge the result.

Some rules:

- Each player has to register by sending an e-mail to, stating
for which side he want to fight. Just put 'blue Mosians' or 'red Hombres' in
the subject line.

- The event will only take place if there are at least 100 players for each side.

- The more players, the better for each side.

- Playing will be free for four months. Afterwards, all players will receive shareware
status which, depending of the size of their realm, may mean they would have to buy
additional turn to keep playing or can keep playing for free.

- Players in 'The great war of Annarrow' are not eligible for the ToT-Prize, since they are
playing for free.

- All other rules of Tamar apply. Insults are allowed as long as they remain in-time and
sound medieval.

- If you have questions about 'The great war of Annarrow', join the IRC chat on, port 6667, channel #Tales, and ask one of our OPs. Please use a
suitable nickname (medieval/fantasy).

- Only one realm per player.

- Trolls are welcome

- The game starts on April 2nd 2005 and ends August 2nd 2005 with the final judgement.

Have fun
Your ToT-Team

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