OS4 Dev Contest Update!

Date 27-Feb-2005 19:09:45
Topic: Announcement

Hello everyone,

First of all thanks for all your comments. They were all appreciated. As a result of your concerns, a few things have been changed in the contest. I hope you'll appreciate them and join.

First of all the prize has changed. Now you can choose to win either the hardware or the same amount in cash. So if you don't have a ľA1, you can buy one and get refunded if you win the contest. But this option is reserved to brave coders only!
Also if you already have an A1 you'll be interested by this second choice.

Also a Catweasel MK4 has been added to the prize. It is a contribution from our first Amiga dealer contributor. Thanks Soft3 for your support. I hope many will follow you.

Many thanks to Darren and Benjamin to support this adventure and a special thank you to all Amiga.dk members, you are damn kewl!

I know there are people that are preparing to participate in this contest. Maybe some of you are wondering what happens if you submit your project and other people submit a better one. In this case, no need to worry because you can update your project at any time. So if you feel you need to make your project look better, no problem just send me an email.

I would like to point out that your project can be made of several programs so you can submit a porting project. You can then work on several smaller utilities and submit the whole package.

Also note that if your program is GUI based you must use Reaction. But obviously if your project is build around a port of a new GUI toolkit to the Amiga platform, you can use it instead of Reaction.

Coders wonder why I created the "use newlib" rule. There are several reasons behind it. As an example, clib2 can't be used to create a thread aware program. Also newlib is a well supported project with hundreds of developer working on it. This makes it a project that is worth using instead of spending time working on an Amiga-only solution.
Enhancing clib2 would require time from Amiga developers that could spend it creating new programs for the platform. This would go against the idea behind this contest: creating new AmigaOS software.

Also I would like to say that many Amiga developers don't feel sad about this restriction. It's enough for me to think that I am right.

There are no more excuses to start coding!


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