WookieChat 1.5 Released (And now 1.52)

Date 1-Mar-2005 2:28:21
Topic: Software News

WookieChat 1.52 is now available to download from the WookieChat homepage and OS4depot.net.

68k and OS4 versions available in the one archive.

UPDATED! See read more for info

UPDATED to 1.52 :
"Fixed memory getting trashed, which prevented the 68k version from running very well or at all.
Bugfix: when a user types a command that WookieChat doesnt yet recognise, it sends that command raw to the server. On 68k systems, these 'non-directly supported' commands caused the system to hang. fixed."

UPDATED to 1.51 :
"The only change in this release is that the separate Timer Task I've been using has been removed, and is now using timer.device instead. This task was taking up 99% CPU time on MorphOS for some reason."

Basically just a minor update to get rid of some annoying bugs.

WookieChat is an AmigaOS IRC Client used for chatting on Internet Relay Chat networks (in more or less real time in text form).

Check out a new screenshot of the mIRC-classic colour theme.

Changes 1.5
- Rewritten the socket code in preparation for implementing dcc send. It now uses WaitSelect() instead of GetSocketEvents(), which are different ways of handling multiple internet connections, but they both do the same job in the end.
- Bugfix: I think I've finally fixed the "connecting in the wrong tab" bug. Multiple servers should connect in their correct tabs now.
- Bugfix: No longer brings up a Grim Reaper on OS4 when you are connected to a server, then double click on a servername in the server selection window to connect to a second server.
- No more crashes when too much text is entered or pasted into wookiechat's chat string gadget. Also splits the lines up if they are too long to send in one go.
- Bugfix: No longer quits if you click on button gadgets in the DCC Transfer Window without selecting a DCC transfer first.
- mIRC colour codes are now filtered out, so channels where colour is used quite heavy will be readable. I will eventually have full support for these codes, but thats not a high priority at the moment.
- Optional auto-accept for DCC File Transfers added. Also automatic actions taken for files that already exist (overwrite,resume,cancel,or ask)
- Keyboard shortcut added for closing tabs (RAmiga + Z)

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