Help recover lost source code! (Seagate ST3660A HD)

Date 5-Mar-2005 5:57:21
Topic: Miscellaneous News

Seagate ST3660A owners please take notice:

The following was recently posted by Jens Langer, follow the link below for further info:

Update: Jens writes: "!! THANKS - Data recovered with spare Seagate ST3660A Controller board - THANKS !!"

Hello guys,

Your help is required to salvage important, still lost source code like the source code of the TextEditor.mcc MUI class, the IProbe source code, the HTMLview.mcc MUI class sources or even the QuickLayers source code.

In fact, I did receive the still defective harddisk (Seagate ST3660A) from Allan Odgaard (the author of the above software titles) on which the source code for all these well-known Amiga software parts are located and after a short analysis it seems that "only" the controller board of that particular harddisk is defective and needs to be replaced.

However, the high diversity of different controller board/firmware revisions for that harddisk makes it very hard to just take the board of replacement harddisk of the same ST3660A type.

Therefore I am requesting, that you please have a look at the following small webpage I prepared on which I placed some images of the defective harddisk and controller board. Please have a look at the areas marked with a red rectangle and if you still own, or even can get hold of a ST3660A due to friends/collegues, please DO try to compare these values and report yours back to me, so that we might find out if your ST3660A controller board is compatible to the defective one of Allan.

Please note, that if I can get hold of the data on the harddisk many well-known software applications like YAM, SimpleMail and so on would definitly appreciate that as i.e. TextEditor.mcc is still an integral part of these applications and needs to get updated/fixed urgently!!

And please do feel free to forward this link/address/mail to any web forum/newssite or whatsoever to allow to reach more people.

Thanks for you attention and it would be highly appreciated if I can get hold of the still important data on that harddisk!!!

Jens Langner Ph: +49-351-4716545
Lannerstrasse 1
01219 Dresden

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