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Date 5-Mar-2005 14:01:56
Topic: Hardware News

Catweasel MK4 now shipping

Shipping of the Catweasel MK4 has started exactly one month ago. We have now filled all back-orders and want to say thank you for the trust and the patience that our customers have shown. The new delay was caused by the transition to a lead-free production process. We have now solved all problems that arose with this transition, and are now perfectly prepared for the new laws that become effective in 2006.

MMC64 production finished
The same lead-free production process was used for the assembly of MMC64, the flashcard-based mass storage unit developed by Oliver Achten. Shipping of this product has started on friday march 4th, 2005. We're now taking orders through our contact form, or through eMail. The price per unit is 49,- EUR.

New Deathbed Vigil DVDs arrived
The film by Dave Haynie about the last days of Commodore experiences constant demand, so we have imported new DVDs. German customs have released the parcel on march 4th, 2005, so we can now ship the DVDs in the free market of the European Union. Due to the strong EUR currency, we were able to lower the price to 34,90 EUR each. The film is recorded on DVD-R media, and we have chosen the PAL version for the European market. Dave has not only signed the inlays, but also the discs this time, so collectors get two original Autographs with every order!

New software for Catweasel MK4
Unfortunately, the Windows operating system kept some surprises for us that we could not account for during the betatest. Some customers could not even install the drivers, and others have reported errors with no obvious reasons. The new driver can be used for both the Catweasel MK3 and MK4, and it fixes all known problems.

Download: (68 KByte)

The driver can be used with Windows 2000 and Windows XP (all versions). Please remove all elements of the old driver manually before installing (this is described in the readme file of the archive). Users of Windows 2000 should check if they need to install update 822831, otherwise the driver can still not be installed.

Catweasel MK4 drivers for classic Amiga are also available now: The new version of multidisk V3.65 uses OpenPCI to access the controller through the Prometheus PCI bridge. Other PCI bridges that are suppored by OpenPCI have not been tested, so we can't guarantee proper function.

Download: multidisk365.lha (40 KByte)

individual Computers at events
We're especially happy to announce that we're sponsoring the scene-event Breakpoint again this year. Breakpoint takes place at easter, following the tradition of the famous Mekka&Symposium parties. A new location will be used this year, and it will break more records: We're especially looking forward to the biggest "bigscreen" that has ever been used on a demo-party, and the seminars that are introdced for the first time this year.

AmiTron 2005 will take place on april 2nd, 2005 in Trondheim, Norway. The main point of interest for this small show is Amiga computers ranging from the oldest A1000 to the brand new micro-A1, but due to popular request, we'll do demonstrations of our retro-computing products as well, such as using a Commodore 64 as a web-server.

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