OctaMED Studio V2 resurrected

Date 15-Feb-2003 22:48:16
Topic: Software News

As most know, because we heard nothing from the katodev team for a very, very long time and having made many, many attempts to get a reply, we were forced to face the fact that, even with all their failed deadlines and promises, they have let us, and you, down badly. HOWEVER.....

Gerd Frank of AmiAtlas fame has decided to take over work on Octamed SoundStudio V2, he is having to start from scratch, so give him pleny of time, but he assures us that, (unlike katodev), he will do his utmost to get a new Amiga V2 built and if it is possible, we won't have to wait until human beings step on Mars :)

However, if things do go badly, you 'will' be told and not kept in the dark as to the possible future of a new Amiga V2 release, so check this page every couple of Months from now on.

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