Under 3 weeks until SCAG!

Date 12-Mar-2005 17:57:03
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With just under 3 weeks to go until SCAG (Scunthorpe Amiga Gathering) I figure its time for a reminder.
Come along to the party, meet new and old friends. Play on a myriad of platforms, have a drink and just enjoy yourself.
Stay over in Scunthorpe and enjoy a meal and a night out.

Read on to learn more.

What is SCAG?

Basically it's a gathering of Amiga users and their computers of choice in one place. It isn't a trade show, it's a party. Everyone loves a party right?

Its being held on April the 2nd in a village just to the west of Scunthorpe, which is in the UK.
Doors open at approx 2pm for anyone bringing hardware and the official opening will be at 3pm.
Doors close at 8pm although we will start to packup from 7pm.

So far there will be at least:

An A1200 running OS4
A A1-C running OS4
A few PC's running AROS
An A4000 running OS3.9
An A1200 running OS3.9
A couple of CD32's
A couple of XBox's
A BeOS machine
Probably more come the day of the event.

There will also be a raffle. Raffle tickets are 1 each on the day and the prizes are as follows:

First prize = Hyperion's Freespace and Quake2 as well as Cloanto's AmigaForever6 CD
Second prize = Cloanto's AmigaForever6 CD and a PCMCIA Networking kit.
Third prize = Selection of old Amiga and CD32 titles.

After the event we will be going to an American restaurant in town for something to eat and drinks. A full menu with price listings is on the website.

Please go to www.IntuitionBase.com/SCAG/ for more details.

Also there are carpool threads available for you to post to if you need a ride or can offer a ride on:


Please add a comment here if you are coming, thinking of coming or would just like to offer some support to the organiser (myself).

Also if you would like to pre-book please be aware that pre-booking will close in just under 2 weeks time. Anyone who pre-books gets a free raffle ticket.

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