Jens Langner could save several MUI projects from his defect HD

Date 12-Mar-2005 17:56:12
Topic: Software News

Jens Langner has recovered all data from his defective HD.

I am proud to announce that with the help over almost 40 people out of the Amiga community, I was able to recover all important data and source code of well known Amiga software projects (TextEditor.mcc, BetterString.mcc, etc.) who were located on an old 545 MB harddisk of Allan Odgaard. This harddisk and especially the important data stored on it was believed to be completely dead and lost for almost 5 years after Allan announced his harddisk crash back in 2000.

Please check this page for more infos.

(All MAC OS X users should check the last part of that page and the included link: very cool text editor!!!!)

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