Live! Q&A IRC session with Garry Hare Today 8PM GMT

Date 20-Mar-2005 10:24:32
Topic: News

Live! Q&A IRC Session with KMOS CEO Garry Hare this Today (20 Mar) at 8:00 PM GMT! in #Amigaworld on, you can also use the JAVA based webchat here

A transcript of the chat will be posted on the site after the meeting for those who can't attend.

Edit The Session is now Over

The Channel will be in moderated mode, all questions will be queued via a special bot on #amigaworld for the session for Garry to answer,
the command is /msg MrBot ask "your question".

Please keep questions under 450 characters because the end of longer questions will get chopped off by the bot.

For more information on using IRC visit

Meeting date and time in other timezones..

New York: Sun 15:00
San Francisco: Sun 12:00
Sydney: Mon 07:00
Paris: Sun 21:00

Other timezones Click Here

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