LPairs and LTris Os4 released

Date 18-Mar-2005 10:50:51
Topic: Software News

Some months ago we got LMarbles and LBreakout2 and they got very popular due to several reasons but all in all mostly because of the nice design and playbility and the network options and so on.

Now Edgar Schwan ported LTris and Lpairs to OS4 and the nice design and playbility seems to be a trademark for these lgames.

LTris was released over a week ago but it had a bug and was recently fixed (it was too hard) so i included that game in the news item aswell.

LTris is downloadable from here: (update):


LPairs can be found here:


(All Lgames ported to os4 is on OS4 Depot)

sorry...no screenshots available.

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