Planet Scene - New CD released for the Demo Sceners

Date 15-Feb-2003 22:56:26
Topic: Announcement

Michael Menz who is also well-known as "crest" offers a new CD-ROM from and for the demo scene which is called "planet scene".

Besides 121 MP3 tracks which total about nine hours of music, planet scene contains 600 DOS intros as well as 220 Windows intros, a choice of the best C64 demos in D64 format as well as a few Playstation demos including the required emulators.

You can find a complete list of the music tracks which are available in MP3 format but originally are Tracker modules (MOD, S3M, XM, IT) here

Planet Scene costs 4,- Euro inclusive postage/delivery and can be ordered via email. At the Breakpoint Party which will take place on Eastern in Bingen/Rhein the CD-ROM will probably available for 2 Euro for advance orders.

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