Hollywood has landed on AmigaOS4!

Date 20-Mar-2005 22:28:27
Topic: Software News

Airsoft Softwair is proud to announce new updates for the popular Hollywood product line. As of today, Hollywood 1.93, Hollywood Designer 1.01 and Malibu 1.11 are available in versions for AmigaOS3, WarpOS, MorphOS and now for the first time also for AmigaOS4, PPC native which brings incredible speed improvements over the versions for classic Amigas. This is definitely the perfect Easter gift for all Amiga enthusiasts!

Hollywood 1.93
Hollywood is the ultimate Multimedia engine for your Amiga computer. It is a highly optimized program which offers a flexible script language that allows you to create all kinds of Multimedia applications, ranging from simple presentations to games and GUI applications, without specific knowledge of programming languages. Core of Hollywood is its Multimedia Application Layer which provides a large set of functions to create almost everything you desire in a short time. Hollywood 1.93 brings along a great new feature which has been anticipated by many users: Hollywood can now compile your scripts into native AmigaOS4 executables from any platform that is supported by Hollywood. The update to Hollywood 1.93 is available for AmigaOS3, WarpOS, MorphOS and finally, Hollywood has now landed on AmigaOS 4.0 PPC.

Hollywood Designer 1.01
Hollywood Designer is a state of the art "what you see is what you get" (WYSIWYG) presentation editor which is the ideal tool for users who prefer to click their presentations together instead of typing Hollywood scripts. Using the established slide based concept, you can create professional presentations on your Amiga now within minutes. Hollywood Designer 1.01 adds the possibility to save your presentations as AmigaOS4 programs. Besides that, you can also save AmigaOS3, WarpOS and MorphOS programs. The update to Hollywood Designer 1.01 is available for AmigaOS3, WarpOS, MorphOS and for the first time also for AmigaOS 4.0 PPC.

Malibu 1.11
Malibu is a plugin for Hollywood that allows Hollywood to load and display your old Scala presentations. This is especially useful because Scala does not work on graphics boards and also has its problems with modern Amigas. With Malibu, your Scala scripts run in a window on Workbench or on an Intuition screen! Furthermore, your Scala presentations will look much better with Malibu because it does not map all colors into a 256 color palette. Malibu 1.11 is an AmigaOS 4.0 version of Malibu 1.1, which is already available for AmigaOS3 and MorphOS. There are no new features except that it is now PPC native and thus much faster than the 68k version.

If you order Hollywood, Hollywood Designer or Malibu, you will get a CD-ROM that contains versions for all platforms that are supported by the programs including AmigaOS4. If you already have one or more of the products, you should order the update kit which allows you to update your installed AmigaOS3, WarpOS and MorphOS versions. The update kit also contains the AmigaOS4 versions of all programs so you can use it to upgrade to the AmigaOS4 version. Please note: There is only one update kit available. This kit contains all updates for Hollywood, Hollywood Designer and Malibu. The update kit can be ordered for 20 Euros from the Airsoft Softwair website. Please also note that you need a valid installation of Hollywood 1.9 to apply the updates.

Airsoft Softwair says Happy Easter to all fellow Amiga users around the world and wishes much fun with the new fresh updates for Hollywood, Hollywood Designer and Malibu! Now available on AmigaOS4 for the first time.

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