AMIGAplus 03/2005 (#155) - ARIANA & LARRY

Date 23-Mar-2005 15:54:08
Topic: News

AMIGAplus 03/2005 (#156) is out now including the following reports...

Exclusive ARIANA hardware preview, interview with AHT Europe, interview with Al Lowe (Leisure Suit Larry), AMIGAplus CD #32 including fxPAINT 1 and Foundation DC, hardfiles in UAE (workshop), Horny 1.0 review, Ultra ATA IDE Controller for A1 reviewed, Competition Pro USB (review), Commodore 64 Direct-to-TV (C64 DTV) (review), emulator-hardware XPC Barebone vs. Mac mini in competition, CDonFire and 6 more shareware titles tested, XML on Amiga part 3, ReAction developing under OS4 part 3, SDL-games for OS4, spotlighted, Diskmag-Scene 2005 report, Amiga-news (Amiga, PPC, Linux, Open System, games), Amiga Status Report and much more.

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