At Australians: Stolen A1200 Tower System

Date 24-Mar-2005 6:33:17
Topic: Miscellaneous News

This item is specifically targeted at Australians:

Hi All,

On Monday of this week I shipped a brand new full house A1200 in a custom built Thermaltake Damier Xaser V5000 case, with Blizzard 1260 accelerator, SCSI board, 128 meg of ram, internal scandoubler, keyboard adaptor etc plus two boxes of software to a Sydney customer by Fastway Couriers ....................

the boxes were scanned into the Sydney depot at 4am on Tuesday and placed in a security cage for delivery .................... they never made it and have dissapeared ie : read STOLEN.
If anyone offers you or you hear of such a system for sale please contact me immediately.

Doug Moir

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