New Scene Party - Breakpoint

Date 15-Feb-2003 23:08:06
Topic: Events

The organizers of the scene party Breakpoint, taking place in Binden from April, 18th to April, 21st 2003, ask for a registration on their homepage in case there's interest for booking a hotel room.

Sleeping halls (which were usual in the Mekka Symposium parties) will not be offered here unfortunately. They do however say they try to find cheap alternatives for those who don't want to sleep under the tables.

The planned ride by train for visitors from all over Germany had to unfortunately be cancelled because of a lack of interest.

The rules for the demo contests are now set and can be read online. Just the hardware specifications of the computers used to run the demos may still change slightly.

To decide whether the party is to take place in one, two or more halls the organizers ask for a rapid online registration. Visiting this party will also be worth it for "normal" Amiga users who have no knowledge of the scene, as this is the successor of the legendary Mekka Symposium party series that has its origins back in 1993.

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