Amiga Party News (april 16th, Holland)

Date 8-Apr-2005 11:30:30
Topic: Events

There’s now a schematic picture of all the participants on our Commodore show and Amiga Party of april 16th.

Look on our website:

This times theme is an 'Amiga Party' (this because the Amiga celebrates its 20th anniversary). But please pay attention: the theme is extra, all other Commodore lovers and computers are still welcome as well!

All things we have planned so far on a row:
A. ComputerCity, the only left official Dutch Commodore and Amiga supplier, will attend the party showing various had- and software. Also they will show a bta version of AHT Ariana.
B. From Germany: Individual Computers. These people still develop new hardware for the C64 and Amiga. They will show the new MMC64 card, Catweasel, C= One, Retro Replay and many other things. A presentation with beamer will be given in room 3.
C. Audio Evolution will demonstrate how to make music on an Amiga.
D. There will be an exhibition of almost all types of Amigas that have been produced like the A500, A600, A1000, A1200, A2000, A3000, A4000 and CDTV.
E. Marvin Droogsma will come with his Amiga Porsche with a quite interesting interior....
F. Mark Jansen will demonstrate his new AmigaOne
G. Robert Sprokholt will give a presentation (with the beamer) about 20 years Amiga.
H. Jan Kaptein will demonstrate how to convert a Gameboy SP game to Amiga.
I. Computer City will demonstrate a bta version of AHT Ariana.
J. A few guys from the Dutch Amiga games developer group Team Hoi will be present and give demonstrations
K. Nevertheless this is a normal meeting as well, all other C64, C128, CBM, C16, Plus/4 owners will attend as well.
L. Our beautifull magazine 'Info Bulletin' will contain quite some Amiga information this time.

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