Cycas CAD Program to be released to Aminet

Date 13-Apr-2005 9:06:40
Topic: Software News

Cykas is now available for free download on Aminet!!

> I was informed on a PageStream beta mailing list by
> Ezequiel Partida that you are offering your Cycas Cad
> program free to Amigans who write you to ask for it.

> I think this is a wonderful policy for what's left
> of the Amiga community and would be happy if you sent
> it to me as well.

... yes. Because of so many people sending us mails now,
and asking for the CYCAS Amiga version, we will release
CYCAS 1.78 unlimited on Aminet.

Have fun with CYCAS!


Kudos to Cycas! They may have moved on but they haven't

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