WinUAE 1.0 (17.04.2005) WIP changelog

Date 18-Apr-2005 9:22:35
Topic: Software News

WinUAE 1.0 named WorkInProgress has been released.
[EDIT]: It has not been released yet, and won't be for 1-2 months

New features are:
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- Catweasel Windows driver support, MK1/MK3/MK4 supported
(MK4 direct floppy support and Amiga mouse support coming later)
- Nero Burning ROM ASPI is automatically used if Nero is installed
(better compatibility than Adaptec ASPI)
- Arcadia (Amiga 500 based Arcade system) game support
- Disk swapper-panel improved (path edit box and history added)
- bsdsocket emulation does not ask for internet connection if
requested address is localhost
- Emulation improvements (some Digital's demos, demo Tenebra partially
fixed, game Sci-fi graphics corruption, Battle Squadron highscores,
Bubba'n'Stix background etc..)
- Sound sample ripper
- Improved debugger

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