Lots of new stuff ported to OS4

Date 18-Apr-2005 14:12:49
Topic: Software News

Been alot of activity on OS4Depot lately and this news item is to reminder to those who aint following uploads daily.

Games ported:

Another Pool 2 , a pool game in SDL.
Reminiscene 0.1.5 , The Flashback engine got updated (minor upd).
Diamond Girl , Boulderdash goes SDL
Fish Fillets NG , A HUGE puzzler game with quality music and gfx.
2 VBA Gui's , both presenting various looks for The GameBoyAdvance Emu.
TuxFootball , A superfast Football game with verticalscroller (ala Sensisoccer)
Rush 2005 , American football game.

Various tools:

Wolnycd , A tool to set the speed of your CD/DVD drive (very good if you want to play games in FPSE without listening to your drive spinning at 48x (while it requires 4-8x speed only...)

Memtester . Utility to test for faulty memory subsystem.
Schism , SDL Based Tracker, clone of Impulse Tracker.
Savvyppc , Gui for Smbfs
expat_lib , OS4 shared library wrapper for libexpat.
Limpidclock , another update of this wonderfull clock/calender is available now.

Everything is at OS4depot (ofcourse) :
Recent uploads

Screenshots is available of most things too:
Recent snapshots

have fun guys and girls and keep the uploads flowing steady.

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