Total Amiga Magazine Issue 20

Date 21-Apr-2005 16:05:02
Topic: News

The Lads from Total Amiga. Worked away, busy, like beavers. Shouting, "Issue 20 is done!" - Let's go have some fun! - As they headed for the pub by the river

Total Amiga Magazine Issue 20 is now on it's way to subscribers every where!
We are proud to announce that Total Amiga Magazine now has subscribers in 22 countries around the globe. (correction 23 now)

Here's what's in this excellent issue


* Features:

o Amiga OS 4 Update
o Interview with Eric Schwartz
o Interview with Davy Wentzler
o eXtream (edited)
o Spectrum Emulation

* Reviews:

o Micro AmigaOne-C (two reviews!)
o Canon EOS300D Digital SLR
o Canon EOS10D Digital SLR
o RDesktop and TwinVNC
o SimpleCAM
o WW2
o WookieChat

* Support:

o Amithlon Multiboot tutorial
o Digital Expertise - photography tutorial
* ... and much more!

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