New Magazine/Zine for Newtek/Amiga customers was born @ NAB2005

Date 22-Apr-2005 19:02:05
Topic: Announcement

Do you miss Video Toaster User, Newtekniques and or NewtekPro?

Now you no longer have to!

NewsTek Issue # 1 is already available

1. What is NewsTek?

Answer: NewsTek is a Digital LifeStyle Magazine/Zine that focuses on Newtek products, the digital lifestyle and just a dash of Amiga/MorphOS.

2. When can I subscribe to NewsTek?

Answer: Issue #1 is already available and subscriptions start at just $12 per year.

3. When is NewsTek published?

Answer: NewsTek is published 4 times per year.

4. What is NewsTek's primary focus?

Answer: The primary focus of the magazine/zine is Newtek products like VT[4], TriCaster & LightWave 3D.

5. Why does NewsTek only have 10% Amiga/MorphOS coverage.

Answer: One of the goals of NewsTek is to attract former Amiga owners and or curious computer users that might be slightly interested in the current Amiga/MorphOS offerings but don't have a deep enough interest to get a pure Amiga mag. If NewsTek sparks their interest and they hunger for more they can subscribe to Total Amiga.

6. What is Digital Lifestyle?

Answer: NewsTek will always have 20%-30% digital lifestyle coverage. The reason for this is to attract new readership so they can be exposed to Newtek products and a dash of Amiga/MorphOS. Digital lifestyle can be iPod, digital photo software, Macintosh, exciting new tech breakthroughs and or anything else we feel like writing about.

7. Why does NewsTek include humor at no extra charge?

Answer: Many computer mags are boring and some software can be a sleeper, but the computer industry has enough personality's and bizarre news that it can also be damn funny.

8. What is on the optional bonus DVD-ROM?

Answer: Animated backgrounds, previews of upcoming DiscreetFX products, DVE (Digital Video Effects) and much much more.

9. Is it true that product reviews of software from DiscreetFX always get super high marks?

Answer: But of course!

10. Will this loooong FAQ ever be over?

Answer: It is, for now.
Bill P

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