Stratagus & FreeCNC ported

Date 28-Apr-2005 21:53:38
Topic: Software News

Stratagus 2.1 and FreeCNC 0.3 were recently uploaded to OS4Depot. Both are open source real-time strategy game engines.

Stratagus supports games like Invasion - Battle of Survival (included), Wargus (WarCraft 2, needs original datafiles) and Astroseries. WarCraft 2 maps are confirmed to work. Astroseries works but there are some sound related problem.

FreeCNC supports early Command & Conquer games. C&C 1 demo was succesfully tested although some random crashing may happen when exiting. Unfortunately Red Alert demo didn't work (missing files). Anyway, RA isn't yet fully supported.


Please make sure that you read the instructions before making desperate things after unsuccesful attempt to run a game.



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