Amiga Future #54 (May/June 2005) out

Date 4-May-2005 15:48:24
Topic: Announcement

Today the issue 54 of the Amiga Future has been released.

This means that all subscriptions and preorders have been brought to the postal office today.

In this issue of the Amiga Future we can show you many interesting reports. Besides interviews with Juergen Lachmann (Scalos) and Robert "apex" Wahnsiedler there are of course reports about the Push 2005, Cebit and Breakpoint.

Reviews of SBase (OS4) or WinUAE for instance are also not to be missed as an in-depth report about the experience with the -A1.

You can read about the actual status of developments at AHT, a walkthrough, programming workshop, specials and much much more.

A more detailed description of contents of the Amiga Future 54 can be viewed on our homepage in the "HEFTE" section.

We have started the "invasion of full versions" series with this issue on our cover cd.

Under this slogan we will offer you in the coming issues of the Amiga Future over 50 (!) full versions on the cover cd. On the most recent cd you can find the first 9 full versions.

The Amiga Future can be obtained through your local amiga dealer and directly from the homepages of the APC&TCP and the Amiga Future.

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