Quest of "Tales of Tamar": Barbarians of the southlands!

Date 11-May-2005 22:23:18
Topic: Miscellaneous News

How dreadful the Southlands are! After the Mosians and the Hombres almost went to war with each other, while their forces had already marched up against each other, a message arrived in the last second.

A rider of the Hombres delivered it to the general in charge.
As he opened and read it, he slowly began to laugh.

He spread out his arms and called out to everyone:

'Hear me, Lords! The northern border has been opened!
There is no need to fight each other anymore for land.
We can go and take the land to the north!'

The soldiers and recruits put down their weapons and the war was stopped.
For everybody knew that they wouldn't need to fight for new settlements anymore.

'Go and tell every Lord and Lady! In a few years,
we will ride together to the north and take all the land we need.
And if they won't give it to us, we shall take it by force!'

This is a quest for new players starting after June 1st 2005.
If you want to join this quest, please enter the keyword 'Barbarians of the Southlands'
as a remark when registering your game.

The goal of the barbarians is to gain at least 150 acres of land each month.
That is, the land conquered by all 'barbarian' players will be added up and has to exceed 150.
The area where the barbarians settle will be kept closed for the beginning.
On August 1st 2005, the border will be opened, and the counting of conquered land begins.
While they gain 150 acres, all barbarians continue to play for free.
If the number drops below 150, the invasion is repelled, and the barbarians will be moved into Shareware mode.

Registration are possible from May 15th through May 30th 2005.

This quest is open to all platforms (PC, Linux, Mac, Amiga (including MOS and OS4).

Quest operator: Martin Wolf
Prize: play for free as long as the goal is met


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