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Date 14-May-2005 23:00:46
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After discussing with the moderating and administration team and reading through user comments about moderation and looking at the list of moderation incidents we have come to the conclusion that a few additions are needed to the terms of service to make things clearer for users and moderating staff alike.

We have also invited wegster to join the staff moderation team to help us maintain a fair and balanced forum.

The new terms of service are posted under Terms and Policy ( see Extras block to the left ) but for your convenience we have posted the ammendments here. You will notice that most of the modification involves advertising as the moderation job over the last six months has been mainly involved in dealing with spammers and users mis-using the forums to lodge classified advertisments.

We will also be modifying the classified advertisment block so that its appearance is more noticeable, less clutterred and more likely to attract the reader. This is to encourage people to actually use that module more.



A moderators say is final. When a moderation decision is made the moderator will document why either in private message or at the place where moderation occurred. This in most cases will be accompanied by reference to which Terms Of Service have been broken. Moderators are allowed to use their discretion in interpretation of the Terms Of Service and operate outside of the Terms Of Service where they see a need to intervene. Where you disagree, or feel unfairness is an issue, see Ajudication.


Whilst moderation tries to be fair and balanced sometimes errors can occur. If you disagree with a specific instance where you have been moderated then please put your complaint to the Webmaster, an Administrator or another moderator for consideration and possible action. Arguments about specific moderation incidents are not tolerated on the public forum, use the adjudication process open to you.


Paying sponsors and banner advertisers need not read this section. provides a classified advertising module which is the only place other than paid for advertising banners that adverts are permitted in. This includes promoting goods and services, links to online auctions or advertising in signatures or through avatars. If in doubt, write a classified advertisment.

Press releases are considered under a different category we accept that companies have a need to propogate news and information. If you consider it newsworthy then submit it as a news item. Our moderation team will either publish it or not depending on their judgement as to its newsworthiness and let you know why they did not publish you if they decide against it. If you are directed that an item is not newsworthy, you will be instructed to either place it on the forums or in the classifieds advertisments.

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