GuruMeditation offers hardware to OS4 driver developers!

Date 17-May-2005 10:20:12
Topic: hardware OS4

In a very generous offer on this forum GuruMeditation, a leading AmigaONE dealer based in Gothenburg, Sweden is offering sponsorship for driver developers for OS4 as an incentive to improve what products AmigaOS version 4.0 can work with. This vital move will bring direct improvements for AmigaOS version 4.0 users who will be able to use more and more kit with their Amigas!

The owner of GuruMeditation, Andreas Loong said:

"We would consider sponsoring development of hardware drivers for OS4, wether it be PCI, clockport or Zorro based. So I'll make this a general call to developers: If you can make a driver, let me know and I'll send you the required hardware."

"We feel drivers are inherently important to the platform as a whole, and OS4 currently covers alot of audio and video drivers, a good number of IDE controllers. It would be very good to see more ethernet, scsi controllers and the like."

If you are interested email andreas.loong (a) or by postal service to:

Guru Meditation
Kavåsv. 10B
426 70 Va Frölunda

Pop along to GuruMeditation, a prominent AmigaONE dealer who also led the way in many customer service initiatives including workaround hardware for IDE issues on the XE boards and being the first to offer a repair service.

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