Feelin 050517 - Fix 01

Date 19-May-2005 7:56:51
Topic: Software News

Thanks to your bugs reports, here are some fixes that couldn't wait a next release :

FM_Object_Notify was trying to resolve FV_Notify_Always like an attribute value, producing an illegal read access at 0x49893131.

FC_Adjust, I Forgot a NULL at the end of the notify statement set upon the "clear" object, producing errors with FC_PreviewScheme.

FC_AdjustScheme, drag'n'drop was accepting DnD process only if the first pen of the color scheme was defined. Until I change color scheme format to something better, it accept strings starting with a coma e.g. ",,c:FFFFBB,,".

FC_Bar, there was no real bug, but I improved it to use the FM_RethinkMethod instead of its own functions, which results in better refreshing, neat and smaller code.

That's it, any other bugs to report ?


Big thanks to Mr Damir (d980) for its friendly support and Mr Henes for its crash log and strictness

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