Formerly commercial editor microgolded updated and now a free download

Date 25-May-2005 9:43:02
Topic: Software News

The microgolded editor is now available as free download. Instead of asking users to pay for it, it is released as sponsored software and contains offline advertising.

About microgolded: microgolded is a small editor. It provides basic editing features, such as undo-redo, folding, macro recording, formatting, auto-case, auto-completion and other basic editor stuff. It is very fast and very configurable. All in one file, no installation.


Registered users can find a new, advertising-free version on the GoldED web site. New features: black-on-white color scheme (optional) and navigation tabs.

Amiga users and dealers interested in advertising software, events, web sites or services in microgolded please contact GoldED support.

EDIT- fixed typo.

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