AmigaSYS 2 released!

Date 4-Jun-2005 17:58:19
Topic: Software News

After 4 months of working we released now the second part of AmigaSYS , with many new features and a lot of bugfixes , and this is the first and only pre installed OS for WinUAE which is based on AmigaOS 3.9!!!

AmigaSYS is a pre-installed full Amiga OS for WinUAE, like AIAB.
For install, you need a valid KickstartROM 3.0/3.1, and the image file of Workbench and Extras Disk 3.0/3.1.

The new AmigaSYS 2.0 needs KickROM 3.1 and optional a valid OS 3.9 CD for full features.

Pack Size 48 Mb.

AmigaSYS Official Page

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